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Hospital Sites with the Most Features 

Of the 133 tools and 62 features reviewed, four incorporate the most features: Hospital Report Cards (37), The Hospital Guide (37), Illinois Hospital Report Card (36), and California Healthcare Compare (35). Hospital Report Cards is a top-ranking tool for the number of price features available, as is The Hospital Guide for quality-specific features. These tools set themselves apart from others by sourcing data other than CMS data; allowing lookup by hospital and procedure; reporting recent price information for hospitals and procedures; displaying prices side by side, including the non-insurance/cash price; showing comparative benchmarks, and detailing the methodology and source of the price data. Additionally, users can access a summary view with all a hospital’s information; filter and sort quality information; view information on patient surveys; and access other information to assist in decision making. 

While some clinical quality of care information is available, the number of measures reported on can be expanded. Additionally, the tools would benefit from using non-technical “plain English” language, indicating when the quality information was last updated and providing comparative quality benchmarks and multiple years of quality data.  

Quality Specific Features 

With respect to quality-specific features, three tools incorporated the most features: The Hospital Guide, Illinois Hospital Report Card, and Washington State MONAHRQ (WaMONAHRQ). Similar to the sites with most Trues overall, these tools share the important features, with the addition of displaying charges or costs of any type, reporting clinical quality of care information for multiple measures and years of performance, and indicating when the data was last updated.   

133 Sites Inventoried

62 Total Features Evaluated
27 Quality Specific Features

These Hospital (Quality) Sites, refer to the number of TRUES that they received, based on the OBJECTIVE criteria being used.

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