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The sites evaluated in this category show price and quality information for physicians. Of the 49 tools evaluated, 26 are national sites; the remaining 23 come from 15 states. California has the most sites (4), followed by Maine (3); New York has 2 sites. Depending on the sponsoring organization or agency, a State may have multiple tools available.

Summary of Physician Sites

Tools that allowed you to find a physician did not commonly share price features; instead, most tools shared quality and overall site features:   

S 12 Summary View with All a Physician’s Information in One Place Users get a snapshot of overall performance  84% 
Q 16 Explanatory Information about the Reported Performance Information Takes the guesswork out of understanding what the data means  80% 
Q 19 Describes the Quality Methodology Instills credibility in the data by describing how the physician quality data was collected and analyzed 76% 
Q 15 Information Available in Printer-Friendly Formats Enhances access to information offline and makes it easier for users to share with a facility, provider or insurance company 73% 
Q 10 Information is Two Years Old or Less (from 2015, 2016 or 2017) Recent data is more relevant for making health care decisions, and instills confidence and credibility in the data and the sponsoring organization 67% 
Q 50 Filter and Sort the Information Limits cognitive burden and allows users to drill down to the level of detail they are most interested in 67% 
Q 20 View Information for Physicians Side by Side Quickly compare locations, performance and other information for providers in a single view

Meanwhile, none of the sites allow users to enter plan information from their insurance carrier, use an authentication method to link to a user’s data from insurance carrier, or allow lookup by ICD-10 Codes.   

Physician Sites with the Most Features 

Of the 49 tools and 59 features reviewed, Minnesota HealthScores incorporates the most features overall (45). Most notably, the tool highlights top performing physicians and those that are below average, allows lookup and sorting by providers, and displays provider and price information side by side. Other key features include reporting the non-insurance/cash price, displaying comparative quality benchmarks and multiple years of performance information, incorporating many clinical quality of care measures, providing information in printer-friendly formats and linking to other useful information. The site lacks health insurance features and could be enhanced by including entry of the insurance carrier, reporting if a provider is in-network, and displaying co-pay amounts.  

Price Specific Features

Minnesota HealthScores, CompareMaine and Amino all incorporate the most price-related features (22). These tools set themselves apart from others by sourcing payment data from commercial claims, using recent payment data to show prices at the provider level, sharing provider and price information side by side, allowing lookup by facility or procedure, showing comparative price benchmarks, and displaying bundled prices and total payments. Documentation on the price methodology and data sources are provided, as well as contextual information to help consumers make health care decisions.  

Quality Specific Features

With respect to quality-specific features, Minnesota HealthScores incorporates the most (23), closely followed by GetBetterMaine, the Community Checkup, and myCareCompare, all of which have between 20 and 21.. Information on patient surveys and clinical quality of care measures are essential components of these tools, along with comparative quality benchmarks, and multiple years of quality performance information. Features not present that could enhance these sites include indicating when the quality data was last updated, sharing written patient reviews, and reporting charges or costs of any type. 


 The table below highlights the clinical quality of care measures evaluated and the percentage of physician sites that incorporate them:





Q 31



Q 37



Q 32

Heart Care


Q 33



Q 35

Preventive Care


Q 34



Q 36

Women’s Health


Q 29



Q 30

Behavioral Health



49 Sites Inventoried

59 Total Features Evaluated
32 Price Specific Features
24 Quality Specific Features

The following sites have Physician Information. Some have Quality such as Reviews, and others have Pricing. Very few sites have both, available in the same search. There are a variety of aspects such as licensing, patient ratings and reviews, in or out of network for various insurance policies. Unfortunately, there is no single source that has every piece of information, but some of the top sites get very close.

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