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DETAILSHealth Insurance Shopping Sites​

The sites inventoried in this category are geared toward consumers / individuals focused on price information and those shopping for and comparing health insurance plans. Private health insurance company websites were excluded. A total of 36 websites were inventoried—17 are national and 19 come from 16 states, with 3 in New York. None of the 33 features were present on all tools inventoried.

Summary of Health Insurance Sites

 A total of 11 features are shared among most of the sites inventoried:


P 33View Results Without Contact from TelemarketersInstant access to information and fewer barriers to viewing results


P 4Filter Insurance Carriers by Postal Code, City or State Makes results more targeted, meaningful, and relevant


P 5Enter the Ages of Household MembersProvides users with more personalized, accurate information


P 9Shows Cost of Insurance PlanEasier for users to comparison shop and make budget-based decisions


P 7Uses Household Income to Determine Net Cost of InsuranceProvides users with more personalized, accurate information


P 12Shows In-Network/Out-of-Network Deductibles, Co-Pays and Out-of-PocketsProvides users with more personalized, accurate information and makes it easier to comparison shop


P 32Customer Service Center Available via Telephone or Chat Live support makes it easier for users to get answers to specific questions


P 3Information is Two Years Old or Less (from 2015, 2016, or 2017)Recent data is more relevant for making health care decisions, and instills confidence and credibility in the data and the sponsoring organization


P 13Shows Cost-Sharing Percentages and Dollars for Various Prescription Drug Tiers Allows users to drill-down to detailed information and avoid unexpected financial surprises for regularly used prescriptions


P 23Filter Results by Metal Level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze)Easier for users to comparison shop


P 14Links to Detailed Insurance Plan Information Offers users the ability to drill-down for more detailed information


Health Insurance Sites with the Most Features

Of the 36 sites and 33 features inventoried, Covered California and MNsure incorporated the most features, 29 and 25 respectively.

From a broad perspective, these tools are available in Spanish, allow sorting and filtering by various criteria, and provide online sign-ups for insurance and other important alerts.

However, they distinguish themselves from other tools by showing in-network providers; displaying costs with estimated costs of doctor visits and treatments, and costs of insurance plans after government subsidies; and providing quality ratings per insurance carrier. The tools also allow users to enter prescription drugs used to determine costs after insurance and see the cost of insurance with the net cost of prescription drugs. On the contrary, neither of these tools have iOS/Apple or Android mobile apps.

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