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The sites evaluated in this category are geared toward providing consumers with costs of prescription drugs, information on discounts, or direct purchases of drugs. Of the 18 websites reviewed, 15 are national and 3 are state-specific, with one site in California, Florida and New York.

None of the sites provide comparative benchmarks or rankings on if the prescription drugs are “more expensive” or “less expensive,” making these opportunities for improvement.

Summary of Prescription Drug Sites

These features are shared among most of the sites inventoried:

P 3Lookup a Prescription Drug Including DosageAllows users to drill-down to detailed prescription drug information and avoid unexpected financial surprises that could come with an increased dosage 


P 4Lookup Pricing for a Prescription Drug by PharmacyReinforces consumer choice and buying power, making it easier to comparison shop 


P 15View Results Without Subscribing or Paying a FeeInstant access to information and fewer barriers to viewing results 


P 11Shows Generic and Brand Name AlternativesReinforces consumer choice and buying power, making it easier to comparison shop 


P 8Information is Two Years Old or Less (from 2015, 2016, or 2017)Recent data is more relevant for making health care decisions, and instills confidence and credibility in the data and the sponsoring organization 


P 14Browse for Prescription DrugsEasier to search for and navigate relevant information  


P 18iOS/Apple Mobile App Portable access to information via smartphones 


P 19Android Mobile AppPortable access to information via smartphones  


P 13Available in SpanishExpands access and relevance to wider proportions of users 



Prescription Drug Sites with the Most Features

Of the 18 sites inventoried, GoodRx, California Rx Card, Discount Drug Network, and incorporated the most features—14 of 20 for GoodRx and the remaining with 12. The primary feature that sets these sites apart from others is that coupons or discount cards work for pets. Moreover, GoodRx includes pricing for compounded medications and a sign-up for price alerts or to save medications and recheck prices. None of these tools allow users to order a prescription drug online, nor are they linked to Canadian pharmacies.

These Drug Pricing Sites, refer to the number of TRUES that they received, based on the OBJECTIVE criteria being used.

Many of the following sites help you purchase Prescription Drugs at the best available prices.

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